Variety Pack: Freeze Dried, Sous Vide Combo Box


Get one of each bag: Ribeye, NY Strip, Tenderloin, and Beef Cubes.

Next Shipping Dates: April 28 and May 5. We slaughter our cattle and age our beef in small batches. With the current high demand, we are shipping them out as fast as possible. Thank you for your patience. We hope we’re worth the wait.

Our freeze dried product for long-term storage starts with 48 ounces of high-quality American beef that is cut into cubes and sous vide. Then it is freeze dried to maximize shelf-life, flavor retention, and nutrition.

This isn’t jerky. It’s not dehydrated. It’s freeze-dried. Great for today. Great for the apocalypse. 10+ year shelf life! No refrigeration required until the bag is opened.

Each bag is 12 ounces and can be rehydrated to its original 48 ounces, offering 12 adult size servings per bag with 24 grams of protein in each serving. Compare this to other products such as “beef crumbles” and you’ll see they have far less protein and much more fat.

Free Shipping to the contiguous United States. Yay!

Next Shipping Dates: April 28 and May 5.

78 in stock (can be backordered)

Why choose? Why not get one of everything?

It’s important to have freeze-dried beef in mylar bags with oxygen absorbers for long-term storage. With freeze-dried beef (which is NOT dehydrated beef or jerky), the nutrient value and flavor are retained for years, even decades. This product is our four-pack of the Freeze Dried, Sous Vide Beef Cubes.

All of our cows are American, raised ethically and slaughtered to the highest standards. FREE SHIPPING to the contiguous United States.

No mRNA vaccines in our beef, ever. Eat well today. Eat well tomorrow. That’s our motto as the only freeze-dried beef supplier in America that provides high-quality Ribeye, NY Strip, and premium beef chunks for long-term storage. For our April 2023 launch, we have slashed prices. Plus, our readers can take advantage of 15% off at checkout with promo code “launch15”.



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