American Farmers to Begin Injecting Livestock With mRNA Shots This Month

Cow mRNA Vaccines

Editor’s Note: Arguably the biggest reason we launched Whole Cows in the first place was to give our own families ongoing access to ranchers we could trust, ranchers who were sourcing their cattle in America and who would never allow mRNA vaccines in our beef. This was BEFORE the recent reports that exemplify our fears perfectly while justifying our decision.  We weren’t being paranoid. We were getting ready.

This latest video by Greg Reese is something we’ve covered ourselves recently, but this isn’t one of those stories that we can simply post and move on. This isn’t getting in front of nearly as many people as it should. If we don’t make enough people aware, this will get swept under the rug until it’s too late for us to stop it. With that said, here’s Greg…

The genetic editing of plants to contain edible vaccines is well underway. Work is being done with bananas, potatoes, tomatoes, lettuce, rice, wheat, soybeans, and corn. Companies like Medicago are using gene editing to turn plants into mini-bioreactors.

News Clip: “Medicago’s manufacturing facility looks like a nursery, but inside these plants, they’re growing a new kind of vaccine. The technology is called a virus-like-particle…”

Promo Video: “At Medicago, we use a careful step-by-step process to develop vaccines using our plants as mini-bioreactors. We start with the gene sequence or code of a virus. We then use our technology to synthesize the virus code into a real biological product. The code contains genetic instructions that our plants can read, and we insert it into bacteria called agrobacterium tumefaciens.

Our cows have NEVER and will NEVER receive mRNA vaccines. For our April 2023 launch, we have slashed prices. Plus, our readers can take advantage of 15% off at checkout with promo code “launch 15”.


“We submerge the plants in a bath with the bacteria that carries the information into the plant cells and using a vacuum, we suck out the air between the plant cells and replace it with the liquid. The plants absorb it like a sponge. At the end of their bacterial bath, we return our plants to a carefully controlled greenhouse to let them get on with our natural growing business for at least four days. Now, the plants will start producing the most important ingredient of our vaccines: virus-like-particles.”

Gene-editing is now officially in our meat industry. Lobbyists for the Cattlemen and Pork Associations in several states have confirmed that they will be using the mRNA Covid vaccines on their livestock. Attorney Tom Renz has been warning that there is no law requiring anyone to give informed consent for vaccine food.

There are no laws requiring anyone to tell you the food you are buying has been vaxxed with the spike protein clot shot. The UK recently passed into law the Genetic Technology Precision Breeding Bill. The Bill amends the Environmental Protection Act of 1990 to exclude references to precision bred organisms so far as they relate to marketing.

“Precision bred organism” is another term for gene edited. So now in the UK, food that’s been gene edited can be legally marketed as non-GMO, and if this UK gene edited meat makes its way to America, it can be labeled non-GMO here as well, and so long as it’s butchered in America, it can be labeled “Product of USA.”

The fake alternative meat being pushed by Bill Gates and others is made of immortal cell lines. In other words, cancerous tumor cells. Real meat is being blamed for climate change. And a recent independent study suggests that most of our meat is already contaminated.

Using infrared spectroscopy and electron microscopy, Dr. Ana Maria Mihalcea has been studying the blood of the vaxxed and the unvaxxed for over a year now. And at first she was finding the same contamination in only the blood of the vaxxed, a contamination that she describes as “ribbon like structures,” much like the mysterious blood clots being found by coroners. But lately she’s been finding these ribbon like structures in the blood of the unvaxxed as well.

By measuring the frequency of one of these mysterious, rubbery blood clots, Dr. David Jernigan has developed a way of detecting the same frequency in the vaxxed. Recently, he’s found this unique frequency in the meat being sold in his local grocery store and asked Dr. Mihalcea to confirm his findings. Her microscopy showed that the blood samples taken from products in the grocery store were all contaminated with the similar ribbon like structures found in the blood of the vaxxed.

Most of the meat in the grocery store is from overseas, and if we want to eat uncontaminated meat, we’ll have to start buying direct from farms in America that still produce all-natural organic protein and take back control of our democidal government.

No mRNA vaccines in our beef, ever. Eat well today. Eat well tomorrow. That’s our motto as the only freeze-dried beef supplier in America that provides high-quality Ribeye, NY Strip, and premium beef chunks for long-term storage. For our April 2023 launch, we have slashed prices. Plus, our readers can take advantage of 15% off at checkout with promo code “launch15”.


25 responses to “American Farmers to Begin Injecting Livestock With mRNA Shots This Month”

  1. Moe Wigsoe Avatar
    Moe Wigsoe

    This is insanity. You KNOW the WEF-CDC-Deep State are engaged in genocide with these designer diseases and “vaccines,” and you are HELPING THEM poison the FOOD SUPPLY??

  2. Richard T Desprey Avatar

    This must be stopped.. have we lost our minds?

    1. Morton Avatar

      Name names. Name locations. We must know

  3. Colt Baldwin Avatar
    Colt Baldwin

    The spike protein/mRNA poison has been proven to be life threatening. People are dying everyday because of it. It’s NOT a vaccine and has zero impact on virus prevention and the spread. It cripples immune systems.

    This is genocide.

  4. Duties Avatar

    Notice that none of the billionaire globalists are talking about curing world hunger or eradicating disease, both things that would help humans. Instead, the focus on climate change, a nebulous crisis that will never be solved (how would we know?), with a permanent revenue stream. They focus on getting us jabbed up, and now our food sources, with gene therapies that unarguably are causing serious injuries and deaths. Don’t fool yourselves, the objective of the wealthy tyrants is clear, and the best interest of the large masses of society are not part of it.

    1. John Avatar

      How do you tell if your meat is not affected by this MRNA poison?

      1. Colt Baldwin Avatar
        Colt Baldwin

        If you haven’t had a heart attack, stroke, or 2 bouts of Covid in 3 months after eating it, you should be OK.

  5. Wes Kelly Avatar
    Wes Kelly

    One of my customers told me his friends Dairy herd was injected with the poison 2 weeks ago here in Canada, and he didn’t comply he would not be able to sell his milk. I will not be buying any dairy products cheese, yogurt, ice cream, milk, or beef products unless I grow it myself as they auction off the old dairy cattle in Canada and they butcher them and make hamburger and blended beef products here. I imagine all animals including lamb, pork, and in turkey and chicken feed. Partner with your friends and raise your own meat and vegetables. Farmers are NOT doing this voluntarily because they want to, they are forced to or go Bankrupt.

  6. Viteye Avatar

    All my congressman Jim McGovern talks about is food for the poor, he probably thinks this is a safe subject for a liberal . I sent him this article and await his response. Everyone should send them this information and make them aware and get on the record their position on this subject. Pulling the pin on a hand grenade in ignorance gives you the same result as doing it on purpose knowing the outcome.

  7. Anthony Wyan Avatar
    Anthony Wyan


  8. Rob Kiviranta Avatar
    Rob Kiviranta

    Fish is for dinner.

    1. Ed Buck Avatar
      Ed Buck

      Unfortunately almost all freshwater-caught fish in the U.S. have been poisoned for years with pfas/pfos chemicals. Be careful out there.

  9. Jim Avatar

    In looking at the Medicago website, they are ceasing operations. Maybe we still have hope for untainted food.

  10. Htos1av Avatar

    God is going to turn the CONUS into a 400′ deep water filled crater in only 45 minutes….

    Be Prepared.

    1. John Avatar

      Good I hope he starts with DC first so we can watch it happening live.

  11. John Avatar

    Americans are cowards they stood up to the British in 1776 but now they lack the balls to stand up to their government in spite of owning enough firepower to destroy the British 1,000 times over in 1776.

    1. Think AboutIt Avatar
      Think AboutIt

      And, why are you not going to war against the government then? You are just bitching about it online, what does that make you?

  12. Marcy Johnson Avatar
    Marcy Johnson

    Beyond redemption 🤬

  13. Ed S. Avatar
    Ed S.

    False information; they are not using mRNA ‘vaccines’ in cattle. At least not at this point.

    Statement Correcting Internet Falsehoods About mRNA Vaccines in Cattle

    NCBA Statement Correcting Internet Falsehoods About mRNA Vaccines in Cattle

    1. Chud Hater Avatar

      This whole site is full of misinformation.

      he’s scaring stupid chuds to sell his meat, which probably got it from the local grocery store.

      Remember these people voted for Trump, you can sell them anything by scaring them.

      Did you get too many guns and ammo that are not selling? Tell them they’re taking away your guns and they’ll rush to buy them off you.

      1. Ed S. Avatar
        Ed S.

        Wow! Are you really that ignorant to make that garbage up just because you don’t like the meat? Get a life and go back to your mommies basement so you can watch Rachel Madcow for your latest talking points.

        Clearly you’re not living in the real world but then again that’s a liberal for you, brain dead and irrational.

    2. Naturehacker Avatar

      Did you not listen to the article? He said the vaxed beef is on american grocery stores from foreign countries and can be “USDA inspected” and “product of USA” if it was merely packaged in US. You can’t tell whether the beef in your grocery store was actually grown in the US or not.

    3. Ed S. Avatar
      Ed S.

      My mistake, I had the false impression that the Cattleman’s Association was on the up and up regarding mRNA ‘vaccines’ in the cattle but apparently they’re not as is revealed in this subsequent article. ALERT: mRNA-Spiked Milk Emerges in Push to Vaccinate Food Supply There doesn’t appear to be a way to edit my first comment.

  14. Jonny real Avatar
    Jonny real

    FAKE !!!
    Today, the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA) released a statement in regard to false information circulating on social media about the use of mRNA vaccines in cattle:

    “There are no current mRNA vaccines licensed for use in beef cattle in the United States. Cattle farmers and ranchers do vaccinate cattle to treat and prevent many diseases, but presently none of these vaccines include mRNA technology.”

    1. Ed S. Avatar
      Ed S.

      That’s what I first thought but since the Cattleman’s Association came out against blocking mRNA ‘vaccines’ in the milk, one would have to assume they’re onboard with mRNA but don’t want the public to become aware so as to hurt their bottom line. ALERT: mRNA-Spiked Milk Emerges in Push to Vaccinate Food Supply